Our group specializes in computational modeling and simulations of fluid flows with a focus on (but not limited to) multiphase flows, turbulent flows, fluid-structure interaction, numerical modeling, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing. Applications include energy, propulsion, aerospace design, and advancing our understanding of climate change.

We hope to become the global epicenter for computational fluids research in the upcoming years!

Atomization and Sprays

  • Physics of primary and secondary breakup

Liquid jet atomization in swirling cross flow

(Ref: Prakash & Jain et al., AAS, 2019)

Secondary breakup of drops

(Ref: Jain et al., IJMF, 2019)

Interfacial flow modeling

High-fidelity simulation of ECN Spray A

(Refs: Jain, JCP, 2022; Hwang & Jain, 2024)

Droplet-laden compressible isotropic turbulence

(Refs: Jain et al., JCP, 2020; Jain & Moin, JCP, 2022)

  • Diffuse-interface modeling for two-phase flows
  • Robust numerical methods for incompressible and compressible flows
  • Unstructured grid formulations for complex geometries

Scalars and surfactant transport

  • Numerical modeling of transport of passive and active scalars
  • Scalars represent charged ions in two-phase electrochemical systems, surfactants, dissolved salts, and CO2 in the ocean

Scalar transport in a turbulent channel flow laden with drops

(Ref: Jain, JCP, 2023)

Breaking waves and CO2 dissolution

(Ref: Mirjalili & Jain et al., IJHMT, 2022)

Particle-laden flows

Particle clustering in the log-layer of a turbulent channel flow

(Ref: West et al., IJMF, 2024)

Particle-laden isotropic turbulence

(Ref: Oujia & Jain et al., 2023)

  • Physics of turbulence modulation by particles
  • A.I. models for prediction of particle clustering in turbulence
  • Correction methods for disturbance created by particles in two-way coupled flows

Aerodynamics, ice accretion, and flow over rough walls

  • Wall-modeled LES of complex aircraft geometries with ice accretion
  • Near wall modeling for LES of flow over rough walls

Droplet impact on a three-element airfoil

(Ref: Jain et al., SAE, 2023)

Flow over NACA23012 airfoil at 5° angle of attack with horn ice

(Ref: Bornhoft & Jain et al., 2023)

Fluid-Solid and Solid-Solid interactions

Collision of two hyperelastic solids in a Taylor-Green vortex

(Ref: Jain & Kamrin et al., JCP, 2019)

Richtmyer-Meshkov instability of Copper-Aluminum materials

(Ref: Jain, Adler, & West et al., JCP, 2023)

  • Eulerian modeling of fluid-solid and solid-solid interactions
  • Highly deformable bodies
  • Turbulent flow over compliant surfaces

Scientific computing

Frontier supercomputer

Quantum computer

(Ref: Griffin & Jain et al., 2019)

  • High-performance computing
  • Machine learning for fluids
  • Quantum computing for fluids