Our group maintains these in-house codes:

  1. ExaFlow
    • An exascale capable in-house structured grid flow solver (originally developed by Dr. Jain during his Ph.D. and was previously called as DIs3D).
    • This code employs low-dissipation numerics for the simulation of two-phase flows (compressible and incompressible).
    • It has been tested to scale well over 100K CPU cores (Mira & Theta supercomputers), and is currently being ported to GPUs.
  2. charLES-M
    • An in-house Voronoi grid-based unstructured grid multiphase solver capable of large-scale simulations of flow over complex geometries.
    • This is developed on top of the charLES framework (by Cascade Technologies).
    • The current in-house version of the code employs low-dissipation numerics to simulate:
      • particle-laden flows on GPUs (tested on Lassen supercomputer)
      • incompressible two-phase flows on CPUs (tested on quartz supercomputer).

Currently, these two solvers are not open-source.

For more codes, see Suhas’s Github page or the FPCS Lab Github page.

We also use and modify open-source codes like Basilisk.